• 'Becoming A Bridge' Means 'Becoming A Bridgebuilder'

    You become a bridge when you facilitate shift, when you enable others to get from one place to another.

    There are many ways to serve as a bridge: You can remove obstacles, offer possibilities, create clarity, welcome people to the entrance to the bridge, and guide them step-by-step in the scary process of entering new territory.


    If you serve as a bridge to next culture, if you are a bridge for people to upgrade their thoughtware so they can understand what next culture is and the importance of shifting to next culture, you will have lifelong job security because there is immense and immediate necessity for both individuals and organizations to shift out of the capitalistic patriarchal empire and into regenerative, initiation-centered Archiarchy. The necessity is dire.


    However, being a bridge is not listed on modern culture's tax forms. Most people never heard of 'being a bridge' as a profession, let alone as an Archetypal Lineage. Right now, we suggest that serving as a bridge could be one of the most important jobs for humanity's future. And we suspect that it may be your destiny calling...


    Learning how to serve efficiently and elegantly as a bridge to next culture includes learning a rich new set of skills and thoughtmaps not taught in modern culture schools. Where can you learn them? Who can give you coaching and support as you to try to implement being a transformational circle alchemist, a builder of next culture gameworlds, a facilitator of Box expansion and culture shift, able to deliver authentic adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes that jack people in to inner and outer resources which modern culture knows nothing about?


    The StartOver.xyz gameworld presents you with a webwork of support for learning exactly these bridge building skills and tools. Each experiment you register at StartOver.xyz recognizes new matrix built into your energetic body for holding more consciousness.











  • The suggestions below may at first seem counter-intuitive for becoming a bridge.


    This is because a bridge at the conceptual limits of a culture lead out over the apparent void to someplace not conceivable in the current culture's thoughtware.


    Only by experimenting can you make the steps out onto - and possibly across - the apparent Nothingness.















  • 4 Steps Across The Bridge To Archiarchy

    Building such a bridge - and, of course, being the first to walk out on it to prove that it exists - demands that you are able to create and apply nonlinear possibility with such clarity of declaration that even you believe it!


    And not just for a moment, either, but over an extended period of time while unconscious Gremlins freak out trying everything they can to undermine and contradict you in desperate attempts to maintain their status quo while you are trying to step out... into what appears to be nothing...

    The four steps across a bridge to next culture are:

    1. SIEVE: Sieve through the avalanche of information that is out there to distinguish between the Bullshit and the Nothing so that you can find a Bridge. The edge is where you will find bridges leading to other possibilities, not in the middle of the mainstream. You might feel either terribly frightened or terribly inspired to discover that the cultural gameworld you were born and raised in has an edge, beyond which there is the unknown, Nothingness. That emptiness is a huge Gap in Gameworlds, a valuable resource once you are initiated into Gaps. If your job is to help people find the edge of their culture and to introduce them to Bridges, then you are an Edgeworker. (You might want to learn more about what an Edgeworker is...)
    2. LIVE: Step onto and learn how to live on a Bridge. Life on a Bridge - ongoing Transformational processes - can also be inspiring or frightening, because after living on the illusion of solid land in your birth culture, now you are living in a makeshift structure suspended over the Void. It can be a breath of fresh air, a sense of living without crutches, of letting go of so much useless baggage. Shifting away from a belief system of solidity onto a sparsely-populated Bridge to next culture makes you a Riftwalker. (You might want to learn more about what a Riftwalker is...)
    3. GIVE: Turn around on the Bridge you are crossing, and help show other people that Bridges exist. Help them Build Matrix to gain the awareness to find and step onto a Bridge of their choice. Show them how to live on the Bridge while the transformational processes delivered by E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Office) drag you over and over again through the Phoenix Process. If this is your job you might want to figure out what kind of Trainer you are: 4 Lineages, Trainer Path, Being A Trainer.
    4. SKIV: (What is 'skiv'? 'Skiv' is a term from the Archan language that means 'to live ecstatically engaged while inventing what is wanted and needed in each moment in Archan gameworlds'. At this point in human evolution, many Bridge Builders are needed to help other people find and take the 4 Steps across bridges to next culture. The work will occupy us our whole lives. Not so many of the original bridge builders will actually get to live over on the other side. But if you get to Skiv (live in next culture), then check out Village Seeds, Possibility Village, Become A Seed, and Villaging.


























  • One Possible Bridge

    Here is a step-by-step map of one way you could use Possibility Management to become a bridge to next culture.


    Many of us are engaged in building-out and trying to inhabit experimental regenerative-culture gameworlds, centered on nurturing complex healthy ecosystems on Earth, centered on the evolution of human consciousness, centered on healing each other, centered on Radical Responsibility and love.
    One of the many keys for practical success in next-culture gameworld-building is to re-evaluate what is being valued.
    Basing a socio-economic system around valuing material stuff - meaning, to value how much of certain kinds of stuff you have (even numbers in a computer is stuff) - is doomed to duplicate exactly what modern culture already produces.
    Material stuff is limited, because material space is limited, automatically resulting in competition, scarcity, winners and losers, strife.
    But think about this: In energetic domains, space is not limited.
    In nonmaterial worlds, there is unlimited space for building out new gameworlds centered around creating and exchanging nonmaterial values.
    Nonmaterial values are often more valuable than any material currency can pay for.
    What do we mean by ‘nonmaterial values’?
    (Please keep in mind that asking 'What are nonmaterial values?' is risky business, because the reader may be committed to a value system that only values material stuff ('diamonds are forever') and may reject nonmaterial value as worthless. Still, let us take that risk. Let’s give it a try.)
    An economy centered on exchanging nonmaterial value would include innumerable currencies. 
    Unlike Forex, with its 195 currencies from 195 national banking systems all interchangeable through standardized exchange rates, Valex is a global platform for exchanging nonmaterial valuables. 


    What sorts of Nonmaterial Valuables are exchanged in Archan economies?


    Here is a tiny fraction of a beginning list of Nonmaterial Value that is being created and exchanged in Archan Gameworlds. Which is for you?
    • Delivering authentic adulthood Initiatory processes.
    • Guiding the Decontaminations of the adult Egostate.
    • Transforming unhealed traumatic experiences.
    • Facilitating gameworld culture shift.
    • Opening up the way for a person to lower their Numbness Bar.
    • Causing adventure.
    • Making it possible for someone to become aware of what you are aware of and entering the waking state.
    • Negotiating intimacy in 5 bodies.
    • Upgrading Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware.
    • Putting the poop on the table.
    • Coaching Radical Relating.
    • Providing Emotional Healing Processes (EHP).
    • Clarifying and deepening context in any gameworld.
    • Accessing nothingness and not-knowing as resources.
    • Creating possibility.
    • Holding and Navigating nonlinear and unreasonable spaces.
    • Accompanying the dying.
    • Distilling transformational distinctions.
    • Performing memetic surgeries.
    • Pulling the rug out from under assumptions, expectations, resentments.
    • Relocating the Point Of Origin.
    • Dismantling irrelevant gameworlds.
    • Igniting the powers of declaring, choosing, and asking.
    • Inventing opportunity.
    • Shifting ordinary space into extraordinary or archetypal space.
    • Using segway phrases to start interesting conversations with strangers.
    • Jacking-In to Bright Principles and Archetypal Lineage as external resources.
    • Stellating conscious anger, fear, sadness, and joy into Archetypal internal resources.
    • Building Matrix for enduring the intensity of Archetypal Love.
    • Becoming Centered, Grounded, and Bubbled (First Position) so as to Live Full Out.
    • Cavitating and inhabiting new Archiarchal gameworld spaces.
    • ...and so on.


    In various online and offline WorkTalks, Workshops, study groups, possibility teams, videos, conferences, etc., people are discovering the possibility of experiencing Emotional Healing Processes (EHP) for themselves.


    Gaining first-hand experience with what a difference even one EHP can make, people are holding space for each other to do more EHPs. There are already EHP Dojos forming up!


    In this way, EHPs are becoming a transition currency from modern culture to next culture.


    The bridge goes like this:
    1. Experience your first EHPs, in Study Groups, Possibilitator Meetings for Specialties or Regions, WorkTalks, Workshops, Videos, online or offline conferences, in Expand The Box trainings, or Possibility Labs.
    2. Decide you want more EHPs for yourself.
    3. Arrange to have 50 EHPs for yourself, free or paid. At the same time, take courage and start holding space for and navigating free EHPs for other participants in these EHP-friendly rapid-learning environments.
    4. At the back of your Beep! Book, make a list from 1 to 50 to log the 50 EHPs you deliver for free to other people in your Teams. For each process you deliver, document the date, time, Client's name, entry question, and the results (e.g. which emotion, which block removed, which boundary made, bypassed which mind machine, which decontamination, new decisions done, floor process done, practices started, etc.).
    5. While delivering your 50 free EHPs, keep Building Matrix to increase your ability to deliver extraordinary EHPs by doing the following:
      1. Watch all 100+ example EHPs online at http://createpossibility.mystrikingly.com/#100-videos
      2. Read Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan, or any of the other PM contexted books shown at: https://museumofpm.mystrikingly.com/#books
      3. Participate in Expand The Box training, online or offline.
      4. Participate in your next Possibility Lab to upscale your ability to hold and navigate transformational spaces.
      5. Create your own weekly Possibility Team.
      6. Start delivering monthly WorkTalks about feelings work and what is possible for emotional healing.
      7. Write and publish one article each month about discoveries you have made and new perspectives are finding, to share the Treasure with others. This is the kind of Treasure that grows bigger each time you give it away.
      8. Start asking yourself if delivering EHPs might be your next-culture specialty in Possibilitator Training. This means you would be becoming a Possibility Coach. Have a call with the spaceholder for Possibility Coaching Training to check out what this means.
    6. While delivering numbers #40 to #50 of your 50 free EHPs, build your personal services website to take a stand for delivering paid EHPs in the world. This is about shifting identity to being a Possibility Coach, a Possibility Mediator, or a Possibility Psychologist.
    7. The #51 EHP that you deliver is no longer for free. We request that you use a standard price for EHP #51 to #100. The price to charge for your first 50 paid 1-to-2-hour EHP online-or-offline is a sliding scale, depending on where your Client lives. ‘Sliding Scale’ means that you Client gets to choose how much they give you:
      1. YELLOW TIER - Countries with a cost-of-life equivalent to Brazil / Turkey / Egypt = 20 to 100 $/€ in the local currency.
      2. BLUE TIER - Countries with a cost-of-life equivalent to Poland / Portugal = 35 to 100 $/€ in the local currency.
      3. RED TIER - Countries with a cost-of-life equivalent to Germany, France, USA, Canada = 50 to 100 $/€.
    8. Starting with EHP #101 you raise the price for your EHPs to the global standard PM price for an EHP, which, again, depends on where your Client lives:
      1. YELLOW TIER - Countries with a cost-of-life equivalent to Brazil / Turkey / Egypt = 55 to 115 $/€ in the local currency.
      2. BLUE TIER - Countries with a cost-of-life equivalent to Poland / Portugal = 100 to 200 $/€ in the local currency.
      3. RED TIER - Countries with a living cost equivalent to Germany, France, USA, Canada = 150 to 300 $/€
    9. A Possibility Coach delivers about 5 EHPs per week. After delivering paid EHPs for a while, compare the value of what you can provide at your corporate job to the value you can provide through your Archiarchy Specialty. Consider moving out of Patriarchy and into Archiarchy. Consider only providing services that align with your true values in a gameworld you built. Then consider quitting your corporate job. Yes, it is true. You may need a few EHPs yourself to become the person who can make this shift. This is how it goes.
    10. As you inhabit more Archan gameworlds, do not be surprised if you find yourself in certain circumstances providing EHPs for free again. You have the freedom to do this because you already receive so much value from others in your village who are providing their Archiarchal services to you for free. This is when you know that you have become a seed of next culture.
  • Additional Bridges

    Here are examples of actual next-culture Bridge professions.

    Possibilitators are delivering services from these Archan professions and quitting their corporate jobs.

    These are all copyleft - NOT copyright! Please steal EVERYTHING. This is open code thoughtware. (Welcome to Archiarchy!)

    Thousands more editions of each of these Bridges are needed in humanity's shift to Archiarchy.

    Plus, thousands of additional types of next-culture Bridges need to be designed and built now.

    What is your Archan profession?

    What are you waiting for? (Honestly answering this non-rhetorical question could lead you to a transformational Emotional Healing Process.)



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  • Experiments

    With each experiment you actually do, regardless of if you 'fail' or 'succeed',

    you build matrix,

    you gain further experiential distinctions.

    This means you cannot fail.

    The only failure is to criticize yourself, to use your fear as a reason to not do the next experiment.

    We say this again:

    The only failure is to not do the next experiment.

    Some of the experiments below bridge you into new life space. Some invite you to help bridge others.

    In either case, when you do an experiment for the first time, be sure to log your Matrix Points at StartOver.xyz.

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    If you want to become a bridge, start with a study certificate from Bridgedale360.

    BABRIDGE.01 75 Matrix Points

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    If you are trying to be successful, learn to facilitate a process.


    broken image

    If you are trying to be a good person, now try to be you.


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    If you are trying to be stable, be stable in a liquid state.


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    If you are trying to be fearless, start lowering your numbness bar.


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    If you are trying to be authentic, be authentic about your inauthenticity.


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    If you are trying to be peaceful, tell someone what you are angry about.


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    If you are trying to be humble, publicly express your concerns.


    Make a 3 minute video explaining what you are truly concerned about.

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    If you are trying to have integrity, make a promise and keep it.


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    If you are trying to shine, appreciate the next person you meet.


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    If your joints ache, stop eating wheat, sugar, coca cola and coffee.


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    If you are trying to be loved, engage an initiatory process.


    Trying to be loved is a mediocre offer to make to the universe. The universe is made out of love. Pretending as if there is not already enough love around you to power an entire village is like standing in a field of yellow daisies complaining that there aren't any roses.

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    If you wear shoes and socks all the time, go barefoot.


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    If you eat cereal, toast and eggs for breakfast, eat soup or vegetables and rice instead.


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    If you drive your car everywhere, give everyone you see a ride.


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    If something breaks, fix it.


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    If you meet a child, squat down to their eye level.


    Do not touch a child. Let the child touch you if they want. This empowers them to choose. Even if you do not know a child you can make energetic and eye contact with them. If their parents are not optimal you can squat down, make eye contact, say nothing, and witness with kind neutrality what is happening in their circumstances. This witnessing can help immensely. If the child shares an emotion with you, simply repeat back what you heard them say with a completion loop. When they say, "Yes," you have successfully completed that level of the communication and they can go to the next more intimate level. Completion Loops such as this have the power to heal beyond all expectation.

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    If you are angry about something, use your anger to facilitate change.


    What you are angry about is what you care about. The anger is not an accident. Your anger is for taking a stand that things change for the better. Your anger may only be 10% intense, but this is enough energy to bridge you plus some others to a new shore. Use your anger consciously. Say what you want. Make a clear boundary. Stay "Stop!" or "Go!" Shift your anger into a neutral force of nature and let it move you from your center to take clear and immediate action. Negotiate a new agreement. Rearrange things. Help someone succeed in their efforts.

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    If you are late or in a hurry, slow down and feel.


    If you are late or in a hurry there is something pushing you off center. You are chasing time, chasing the clock. You are in time scarcity. Life is passing you by and you are being left out of something. Find out what it is that you are afraid of being left out of. Let your worry turn into full blown fear. Let the fear get bigger. Tell someone about your fear only so that another consciousness hears about your fear. Do not try to make it go away. Simply acknowledge it experientially, that it is there for real. It is there for a reason. Make the reason for your fear conscious. "I feel afraid of being punished." "I feel afraid of being left out." "I feel being labeled as having no integrity." "I feel scared of being incompetent." "I feel afraid of not getting enough accomplished." Then when you meet with people, put your fears on the table. As the others if they think your fears are still relevant, or if they are leftover from a previous set of circumstances. Decide if you want to use the information given to you by your fears or not. Thank your fears for communicating with you.

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    If you see a potential that is not actualized in someone, arrange to listen to them about that.


    This is called creating a vacuum. Too often when a potential is obvious but not activated, with colleagues, with children, with your partner, the frustration comes out as pressure, as an accusation. Pressure questions start with, "Why not...?" "Why don't you...?" "How come...?" "What if...?" and then the person has to defend themselves against your attack. Their survival reactions get triggered. You see their defense strategy and they stay stuck where they are. Nothing changes. Instead make a statement about an authentic longing in you to hear from them, to understand. Express your true curiosity with no hidden agenda to manipulate. "Could you please explain to me how it is for you?" "What is alive in you now?" "What is happening in your world?" Then listen with gratitude and expand your own potential to imagine the life of another person. Use your focused vacuum of attention as a bridge for them to deliver their experiences to you.

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    If your expectation is not fulfilled, admit your failure (that you were holding an expectation).


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    If you feel sadness, let someone close to you.


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    If you have a vision for what is possible, the people wait for you to speak.


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    If you cannot do something you want to do, show someone else how to do it.


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    If you are attracted to someone, expand your heart.


    broken image

    If you see a job that needs doing, either do it, or tell someone you will not do it and why not.


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    If you see a way through, go through, and then say how you did it.


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    If you are tired, sleep.


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    If you are are afraid to call someone, tell them why you are afraid to call them.


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    If you don't know how to do something, commit to doing it no matter what.


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    If you want to feel safe, clean out your attic.


    broken image

    If you accidentally hurt yourself, re-center yourself.


    get radically honest with Dr Brad Blanton's book Radical Honesty

    If you you are afraid someone is lying to you, get radically honest with them.


















  • Making A Ruckus...

    A 'ruckus' is 'a constructive mess'.

    'Making a ruckus' means stirring things up to escape restrictive patterns and unfold new potentials.


    We're not just a service. We're your partners in crime.

    But what is the crime?




    It is not ordinarily acceptable in modern culture to evolve.


    Creating change is extraordinary.


    Each time you become more aware of what is going on or what is possible you cause a ruckus.


    When I'm walking down the street people always ask me, "What is the correct way to cause a ruckus?"


    In case you try to cause a ruckus but it never works right, I am going to explain the correct way to cause a ruckus in a few simple steps.

    (Adopted from House of Stupid)


    Step 1: First of all you have to make yourself look out of the ordinary. Looking different can really add value to your ruckus.

    Step 2: Demand satisfaction and don't stop until you get satisfaction, even if people ask, "Hey! What`s all the ruckus about?"


    Step 3: Don't concern yourself about what direction you're going. Just freak out and frolic this way and that. Have no regard for anything other than your ruckusing.


    Step 4: Do not fall over. When you fall over during a ruckus you lose your momentum and it just looks like you are throwing a temper tantrum.


    Step 5: Don't stop until you are out of breath and are struggling for air. If you stop before that it's not a true ruckus.


    Have fun ruckusing.


    If you change, the people close to you are forced to change also, even if they did not sign up for changing.


    You going across a bridge can make the people close to you feel angry and afraid.


    You see what they don't see. You are accessing what they do not have access to.


    They may assume you will go away from them. They may assume you won't like them anymore.


    Before changing you can tell people around you that you are going to change and you would first like their permission to change.


    This leads to interesting conversations. They may feel less abandoned.


    At the end, if they do not give your their permission, you can ask, "Who are you kidding to think I actually need your permission to change?"


    Perhaps that conversation would go better if you ask, "Are you asking permission from me to not change? If so, the answer is yes. I will still love you even if you do not want to change right now. Let me know if you need any help not changing."






  • NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the free-to-play, massively-multiplayer, online-and-offline, thoughtware-upgrade, matrix-building, personal-transformation, adventure-game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can relocate your point of origin and create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness and leave behind a low drama life of reactivity. No one can upgrade your thoughtware for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from upgrading your thoughtware. Our theory is that when we collectively build 1,000,000 new Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code BABRIDGE.00 to log your Matrix Point for reading this website on StartOver.xyz. Thank you for playing full out!